Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well we've had a rough week.

I ended up with 2 stupid over draft fees due my stupidity and carelessness. Ugg.
I broke down and bought a starbucks coffee, but to my defense, I had to be at a sleep study on Wednesday night and slept like crap during it and didn't have my own coffee pot so I bought one on my way from the sleep study to work.

Another a brighter note, I'm cooking right now.

We have homeade chili & cornbread cooking and I'm using up my pears before they go bad and making a wonderful pear cobbler.

I have alot of laundry to fold today, yuck and some other misc stuff I need to get done.

I need to do the following today:

Fold and Put away laundry
Mop downstairs
Make Cobbler
Clean Downstairs Bathroom
Make Girl Scout Troop Folders
Update Girl Scout Spreadsheet with documents received
Send Girl Scout Troop Cookie Date Email
Watch Grey's and Private Practice
Find my table under all the misc Girl Scout Stuff
Sew on Patches and Petals on the two girls vests.

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there. Hope you got your list done today... at leas the good stuff like Grey's and PP. lol