Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Family New Years Resolution

My husband and I reviewed our budget and expenditures from last year. We don't eat out a lot like going to restaurants and sitting down. However, this review opened up our eyes to how much we get fast food like sonic, taco bell, etc as a quick fix for lunches on the run, or because we forgot to take our lunches.

We both agreed to only eat out once a month for lunch only. We can eat out on one of each of our paydays a month. HIm on his pay day and me on mine. No more than $10 for this lunch.

Today I made a bunch of lunches and put them in the freezer.

So far today I have made 10 small Philli Cheesesteaks, 10 small bean burritos, 10 containers of a bean enchilada dish I made up.

The cost per servicing for the Phili Cheesesteaks ended up being .63 cents per serving. That is amazing. The Steakums Phili Cheesesteak meat is almost $7 per box. Walmart now carries a generic brand that is 2.47 for the box of 16 packs of phili cheesesteak meat. I used a pack of 8 hoggie buns and cut 5 of them in half to make 10 small lunches, I used 2 of them whole for my husbands and mothers lunch today, this would have equaled 4 lunches in and of itself. They were just hungry and ate double portions. One hoggie will be used for two small italian subs for me. Keep in mind these are small servings as my husband is trying to cut back on his lunch size as he works a sit down job now and not a physical job like he used to.

I will be calculating the cost of the bean burrito's and enchiladas later.

One of my goals is to come up with a list of meals and the cost per serving.

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